8th Venice International School on Lasers in Materials Science (SLIMS)

July 14-20, 2024, Isola di San Servolo, Venice, Italy

The one-week School will focus on the interplay between experimental and theoretical investigations of laser-materials interactions, material processing, and laser-enabled manufacturing. The tutorial lectures presented at the School can be roughly separated into three tightly integrated groups.

The first group of four tutorial lectures will provide a compact introduction to the fundamentals of laser - materials interactions. The lectures will cover laser physics for materials scientists, material response to laser energy deposition (thermal and non-thermal processes, the role of defects, mechanisms and kinetics of phase transformations driven by strong excitation).

The second and largest group will focus on established and emerging applications of lasers in advanced manufacturing and material processing. The lectures will cover the industrial applications of laser processing, generation of nanoparticles for catalysis and biomedical applications, combinatorial laser synthesis of biomaterial thin films and biomimetic surfaces, 3D manufacturing of transparent materials, additive manufacturing, laser manufacturing of soft materials (two-photon polymerization, laser-induced bioprinting), synthesis and modification of 2D materials, as well as a number of other applications.

The third group of tutorials will cover advanced characterization and probing, including the diagnostics of laser-generated plasmas, laser-enable mass spectrometry, nonlinear optical microscopy, plasmonic applications for drug sensing, high-order harmonic generation for spectroscopic probing at the attosecond and angstrom scale. The true interdisciplinary nature of the School will promote fruitful interactions among researchers from such diverse fields as solid state and plasma physics, chemistry, materials science, metallurgy, polymer science, and laser surgery.

The list of lectures can be found under this link. The program will also include two classroom sessions and two poster sessions.

Detailed program of the school will appear here in the late spring of 2024.