8th Venice International School on Lasers in Materials Science (SLIMS)

July 14-20, 2024, Isola di San Servolo, Venice, Italy

Events of related interest:

7th International Conference on Advanced Nanoparticle Generation and Excitation by Lasers in Liquids (ANGEL)
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, May 26-31, 2024

25th International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication (LPM)
San Sebastian, Spain, June 11-14, 2024

3rd Summer School on Ultra-short Pulse Lasers Applications in Material Processing (UPLAMP)
Vilnius, Lithuania, July 01-06, 2024

17th International Conference on Laser Ablation (COLA)
Crete, Greece, September 29 - October 4, 2024